Go on, just go on...

Today the post will be all in english. And let me tell you why.
Yesterday I was doing this resumé translation for a 30 year old man that is a marketing professional in the food production field. And he's had quite some experience in big multi-national corporations.
Well I couldn't help but feel a little unexperienced.
Taking into consideration the fact that since I finished college some six months ago and afterwards managed to get a job and be totally terrified with it's crappyness, my belief in the sucess of my career life was and may still be a little shattered. So things like long, complex resumés tend to creep me out a bit.
Anyway, when I was almost done translating the document from portuguese to english, I got to the "languages I speak" part. Where this person affirmed to know english, in an advanced level. Yeah.
I wonder why spend money with me, if he could probably translate his own resumé, having such an amazing knowledge of the english language.
So, see. All's not lost. People may have tons of experience, have worked years in the same place. That doesn't mean anything.
I still can write better : )

But seriously, it made me a bit happier and hopefull.
Today I have another freelance translation job to do. And that makes me even more happy. 'Cause it means some income.

And tomorrow I'll go back to painting and working with art. Still planning how the ateliê will work out, what kind of art I'll produce and sell, what kind of classes I'll offer and for what public. But I'm pretty excited about it!
When I decide it all, I'll make a new blog to display the art and related things.


ps: The more I listen to Jack Johnson's "Sleep Through the Static" the more I like the songs. Good for relaxing before sleeping. Good for road trips, specially those to the beach.


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