The Truth Is: I Miss You...

A random pic of Nenê, because she's just soo cute and she just happens to be keeping my lap warm as I blog...

Seems like it's been so long since I last posted here! This last week was a very busy one for me. I had my last driving classes and started at my new job. I was being trained from Tuesday to Friday and today (I work Saturday mornings) was my first day managing the Resource Center all by myself. I don't recall if I told you this, but I'm working at a languages school downtown, in one of my favorite spots in the city. I manage the resource center, which works much like a library/bookstore. There I keep track of the complementary materials, books, videos, texts, cds, audiobooks, magazines, etc. and also place requests for student's course books delivering them once they arrive, an so on. Sometimes I also do other things like explaining the courses to potential students, guiding them to classes, setting the lab up, managing the extra material that will be used in the classroom... you know. It's all quite new to me, but I'm loving it! I get to speak english a lot, especially to the students who are studing portuguese. My co-workers are all very nice, friendly people and have already helped me a lot. What else can I say? I'm happy and feel very lucky!

Last week we celebrated my grandma's 87th birthday, here are some pictures of that day:

And I have also been renovating an old coffee table I bought last year. It was in bad shape. I won't lie to you, it is still pending a little to the side, but I fixed and painted it white, so now it looks so much better. Tomorrow I'll do some decoupage and decorate it with flower patterns and then I'll take some pics to show you guys.
So there it is, my update is done. How was your week? Let me know in the comments.
Beijos, darlings.

Also, on a side note, why are people spamming my comments now? Stop it! No one here cares about your products/sites/random crap. Go spam someone else.


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