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It's time for a life update!
My life, of course... this a completely self-centered post, so if you have no interest whatsoever in my life, this is the moment to scroll down to other posts. I won't tell you to leave the blog, no, I'd rather you read my posts. My posts. Mine.
See? I told you it was self-centered...
Anyway, jokes aside, it's been a while since I ramble about what's been happening in real life and I think it's time to register everything down here, so I can read it in the future and remember things I would have otherwise forgotten. Everytime I take the time to read my old posts I realize how much I can forget about my own life.
I've been posting in a much slower pace since the beggining of March because I'm working now at an English school downtown. All I can say about my job here is that I love it very much because it's quite simple, easy to do, I have great hours, my co-workers are very nice people, I'm surrounded by english, books and such and I have a more than fair payment check hitting my bank account every month. Oh, I also have health insurance now. So all's great in that department.
I have by no means given up on interior design, I just want to stress this out before anyone might think otherwise. I love design, I love art and my dream is still to study and work with set design/scenography in the future.
However now it's neither the time nor the place for that.
What else?
I'm learning to drive. Yes. The day has come. At first I was a bit frightened with having to control pedals, shifts, the wheel and the general direction of the car all at once. But now things are getting easier. Tomorrow is my 10th class. Last Thursday I even came back home driving! So that's that. I'll be taking a practical test at the end of the month and if I pass it, I'll get my permit!
Plans to live and study abroad are still up, still waiting for some things I have to do, getting my driver's license being one of them. Next on the list, getting my passport and saving more money. But I can hardly contain my excitment to travel, I'll assure you.
Here at home things are well, just as always. My grandma is doing well, my pets, everyone. I have made some new friends at work. My regular friends are always around although we're all quite busy with our work/study/lives.
The heart is still beating, a bit confused as it's usual, and I don't quite know where I stand right now, if I stand at all, but I hope to figure it out soon. I'm not one to wait too long for answers. Sitting around waiting for people to make decisions has never been my M.O. and I don't think I'll start now. However, this is a special case I believe deserves some special care and patience, at least for a while.
What else?
I'm feeling the urge to paint rise to the surface once again and I think I'll get some new paint and re-start a canvas I had neglected for a few months. Right now it's just a big red nothing. I have another painting I've been working on for a few YEARS now, I do have some shame to admit, but I just can't seem to finish it. I have posted pictures of it before, it's inspired by a Cézanne still-life. How I adore this painting of mine, I just wish I had it in me to finish it... but I can't paint fabric, it just isn't possible. I've tried and tried, it looks terrible. I think I'll have to draw a small version of it and take some classes until I learn how to make fabric seem real, only then will I go back to my still-life.
Yes, I think that's quite a ramble already, don't you? How should I end it? Oh, I know, I have a good quote to share:

"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." -Ernest Hemingway

So beautiful and I believe, in some cases, true.


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