Parting Is Such a Sweet Sorrow

It has begun. The never-ending wave of goodbyes I'll be facing almost on a daily basis from now on. I just realized this today, as I said goodbye to a co-worker. We hugged and as I was releasing her, I saw she was crying. My eyes teared up a bit too, I won't lie. And then it hit me: I'll see so many people I love crying because of my choices. And I'll be a bit sad too, no matter where I am. I'll leave those I love behind, but then I'll have new people that I'll find and come to love. And every time I return home to calm my yearning for the ones left behind, I'll be leaving new ones just the same. I'll never have them all by my side. There will always be little pieces of my heart missing that I'll have left in the hands of everyone I've loved along the way.
But then again, isn't this how life is supposed to be? Sometimes people we love will go away. Maybe to other lands, maybe to never return again, maybe to a place we'll all go someday but from where no one ever comes back. We'll all have to get used to it. Saying goodbye is part of life. Maybe the choices I made will make me do it more often than most, but so what? Perhaps I'll come to do it better.

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Tati disse…
Sometimes we say goodbye...but then we say hello again. We say hello to a good life, to new friends, to a world full of perspectives.
We've known each other for a long time...since I was 14. How many goodbyes we've said? But never became really apart...that's what friendship is all about.
Time passes by...but we keep important people inside our hearts.
I love you all...from the bottom of my heart! Always and forever...
Carol disse…
Oi Nathalie! Sim, dizer adeus pra quem a gente ama nao é fácil, mas acredite que quando a gente está INDO é infinitamente mais fácil do que quando a gente está VOLTANDO pra casa... pq a gente vai cheia de esperaça, empolgaçao... e sabe que volta. Mas quando a gente se despede de quem ficou nos eua, nao sabe se um dia voltará a rever alguém... mas até com isso a gente aprende a lidar =)

Brigada pela visita ao blog, vou sempre passar por aqui ;)


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