Let's Face the Music and Dance

“In mature love, we do not look to our partner to provide our happiness, and we don’t blame them for our unhappiness. We take responsibility for the expectations that we carry, for our own negative emotional reactions, for our own insecurities, and for our own dark moods.”
— Christine Meinecke, author of Everybody Marries the Wrong Person

First post of the year! And although this is not my favorite subject to approach here at the blog, I do agree with Ms. Christine Meinecke. You have to be really aware of what your expectations are, and of what reality really is, when in a relationship, in order for it to work. And that means, your partner should be on the same page as well. And do not read this as pessimism from my part, but for two people who are on that same level of personal understanding to meet, fall in love and have a relationship is something extremely rare. I guess most of the time we are really just looking for that and having relationships with people who aren't really right for us. But the point is that we keep trying. And trying is also very fun and worthwhile ;) Either it works or not, we are in no way wasting time.
And just because a relationship isn't right, it doesn't mean the love wasn't real.

So, with that on mind, let's (I know I am) celebrate past relationships, be thankful that we were wise enough to get past them, and look forward to our next findings... and may all of you find what you're looking for ;)

Have a great 2012, enjoy it, live it, be happy.


ilikeiwishiheart disse…
Such a deep first post for the year Nathalie! Coming from someone about to celebrate 13 years of marriage, I can tell you that it takes work. No, not everyday, but almost! There have been times (more than I care to mention) when I have wanted to walk away so badly. I continue to stick it out for the good times are so darn good. And the memories we make together, well, I don't want to make those with anybody else. Thanks for your lovely message on my blog today! Heidi x

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