Life recap post for future remembrance of things I'll probably have already forgotten by next month:

Not taking part in NaNoWriMo this year due to incredibly busy life that leaves me no room to think straight, let alone sit down and put ideas into words into paper.

Taking part in long selective process to become an English teacher at the school where I already work, which now is also owned by a multinational investment found who plans to expand the company, so chances are I'll be teaching soon. I have already passed a CAE based paper-test, group dynamics and have an interview on Monday. If that goes well, I'll most likely be in training for two weeks in December.

Currently home alone, wishing I had done something I should have already done a long time ago, but that I never really had the guts to do until today, when I was planning on doing it, but failed to get a chance to. Let's just leave it at that and hope my future self figures out whatever it is I'm talking about.

Also been doing a lot of reading and some studying of Bachelard, Baudelaire and Marshall Berman which has me feeling pretty smart and dumb at the same time.

Thinking that I should go downtown tomorrow and have a walk in the very wild and far fetched hope I might run in into a certain someone, which is very unrealistic giving the 15 million people who reside in this city. I'd go ahead and take a wild guess I'm falling in love, in another very stupid move for me to make. But what can I do about it?

That pretty much wraps it.



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