I'm Cheating On You

Oh, dear blog, I've been cheating on you with Tumblr. I'm so sorry. Will you please forgive me? Oh, and share me?

Tumblr became an addiction I won't be giving up on anytime soon.

Today more fucked up events happened in my life, such as my beautiful artichokes being rotten inside the fridge and getting a last notice to pay for all my college tuition debts. Oh JOY!
But.. I won't let ruim my mood. Because you know what? Exciting things have been happening the last couple of days as well and I won't ignore them!
I'm attending an art history research seminar this week, it started yesterday, and I'm loving it so much! God, how I love history of art, studing and college! I miss it. Call me a nerd. I am.
And the university where it's been happening all this, FAAP, is so lovely and now I wish I had gone there instead of Belas Artes.
Anyway... they have a masters degree program of history of art that I want to do so much, but sadly, I can't afford it right now.
What else? I went to this antique furniture shops and love all furniture, of course, but I'm just in love with this bed, it looks a little provencial, but it was obviously made in the 60's or 50's so it has a retro look to it, especially the attached nightstands. I want it!!!! I'll go back there later this week and find out how much it costs. Luckly, not much, since it's a small decadent shop and I'm certain the owners really don't grasp the value of the articles they have there for sale. (The man was re-arranging some pieces and hit a dresser with a chair. I almost died.)
Oh, and I'm a bit "in love" with Alexander Skarsgard, it's a celebrity crush. He plays Eric Northman on True Blood (.:.LOVE.:.)

So, blog, now that I've came here and given you some attention, I hope we're fine. I'll always care for you, you know. And for the lovely people who come here to read about all the crazy things that come out of this mind. I really love you all in a distant, yet very real way :)
Beijos dears!


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