Stones Taught Me To Fly

Today I decided to organize and clean my mess. It feels good. Too much crazyness around me drives me nuts. Now I have yet to raid the drawers... but that's for later :)

I was marking my calendar and realized we have only two months left this year. Thank God. I am so relieved. This year has not been funny at all. But I love this time of the year, when the school year is ending (at least here, where I live), the weather is warm, sunny. And christmas and new year's eve celebrations approach us. It just feels so nice.

On another note, here's a little something I found on this little book of inpiration, you are supposed to open on a random page and read whatever the message is. In my case, the messages always fits the moment I'm having in my life. It's in portuguese, but I'll translate it below:

257 - Mantenha sempre no mesmo nível sua coragem para o bem. Não falamos da coragem de palavras, que é fácil. Contar vantagens, todos contam...
Mas a coragem da luta contra seus próprios vícios é que tem valor, porque daí surgirá a vitória final.
Seja constante e persistente, caminhe reto para a frente e para o alto, e mantenha firme sua coragem na ação de cada dia em busca do ideal.

257 - Keep your corage for the good always leveled. We don't mean the corage for words, which is easy. Everyone can brag...
But the corage to fight your own vices is the one that has most value, for it is from this one that your final victory shall come from.
Be constant and persistant, walk straigh forward to higher ground, keeping strong your corage in the everyday actions to achieve your goal.

I like this message because most times we remember to be strong to face life's chalenges, but often times we create the obstacles by ourselves and then believe it impossible to make it through. When in truth, the answer to all problems is on our hands.


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