Can You Feel The Heat?

It is too hot to live... Just too hot.

So, I've been busy these days. I spent tuesday and wednesday helping out a fashion designer friend of mine with her graduation collection. There were still some pieces that needed to be adjusted by tursday night and alas, there was a huge blackout in the country. I kid you not. Four major states completely in the dark and many others with low energy. (add to reasons why this country is a joke, check) And so I spent a few hours holding a little flash light up so that my friend could sew.
I know, to sew in the middle of a blackout, not the brightest idea (no pun intended), however it all had to be done by morning and God only knew when the lights would come back up. (after one o'clock in the morrning, in case you didn't get to experience this)
But her presentation the next morning was great, I modeled her creations and all went well.
Because of that, my sleep got all messed up as well, since that night I slept 2 hours. The next day, I slept 3 hours in the afternoon. Now things seem to have gone back to normal.
Why is this relevant to you?
It isn't.
But it is, in fact, the reason I'm falling behind on nanowrimo. I was so behind, I decided to take thursday off to write, and I was quite successful at that, producing 5000 words of not so very good quality romance. I managed to catch up. And now I'm falling behind again, meaning my Sunday shall be well spent typing away.
Other than that, this week I could not give my english classes to the kids because of those events.
I also went to visit my grandma today and she tried to conspire with me for me to help her escape the home she lives in. It could be sad, except that it was a little funny. She told me I'm pretty again. Now that she doesn't know who I am anymore, she's very sweet. Again, it could be sad, except that I enjoy taking whatever I can. Better a compliment from a memory-less grandma than no compliment at all.
I have yet to take pictures of my dressing table to share here. But I will.
And finally, a very important decision that I have made: I decided to stop waiting for the apples and just use my lemons. It's time to make lemonade, people.


Heidi disse…
this is such a good post! very funny and i am glad your friend's show went so well. i cannot imagine having to sew in the dark! i am so feeling your let's make lemonade spin on things, it is exactly what i have been doing for the past six weeks of my life and it seems to be working! Hx P.S. is that your kitty? so cute!
Elise disse…
such a gorgeous picture, and another great post too !

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