I Have To Admit

You know what I'll be doing this lovely Friday holiday? I'll be writing, my friends, because I'm very behind on my nanowrimo and the whole thing is just like a snowball. Also I feel guilty for my characters who have been abandoned for the past few days with no certain destination to all their lives. Has anyone ever watched that movie, "Stranger than Fiction"? Well, what I feel it's something like that. Imagine if my characters really did exist and I'm just postponing their lives because I'm too lazy to write it all down... oh, what a shame.
I can't really share more about my life right now, as I'm not thinking clearly at the moment. So, I'll leave you all with only this confession of my laziness and bad will towards my own novel. And a promise, that tomorrow (er...actually, today) I shall make amends for it.
So long.


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