It's All The Same to Me

Oh dear blog, how I have forsaken you. And I'll be honest from the start, perhaps today is not the best of days for a written post. The thing is: it was a very long and stressfull day and my daily share of patience has long been used to its very end. I'm annoyed with people in general, but in truthness, with selfish, stupid, ordinary people who just want to point at everyone else's mistakes so that no one notices their very own faults, which are many, by the way.
When I'm around people like that, I feel ashemed to belong to the human race.

I've been meaning to tell you, readers, that I finally got my driving license this month and that I'm working on the papers to get my passport as well. I cannot leave soon enough.
As I have shared over at tumblr, where I feel there is more privacy to my life (seriously, I have this habit of googling myself to see how a stalker could find me, and I always get scared as hell of how easy it is to find me! but I digress...) So, as I've posted over there, this place I live in , these streets and houses I pass by and that seem so familiar to me really just bring to the surface a constant flow of memories of people and times that have long gone away and the whole thing just breakes my heart. It would be lovely to get a "fresh start" of sorts somewhere else. I wonder if anyone ever feels like this too.

I also promise to come back later with a better post about interior design and share my latest art intervention on my bedroom walls.
Hugs and kisses to my readers (except men - I'm mad at you all)

listening to - "It's All The Same To Me" by Anya Marina


Wilson disse…
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Wilson disse…
Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.
Anônimo disse…
Achei legal que se formou em design de interiores, pena que não atua na área. O blog quase todo em inglês é bem interessante, deveria ter uma parte separada só com os projetos que fez (ex. restauração da mesa de café). As fotos de ambientes que tem no blog são de muito bom gosto. Você realmente é muito simpática, bonita e inteligente, portanto, vai ter dificuldade de encontrar um cara legal pra você. Existem pessoas que não tem o mínimo de tato para lidar com outras, uma coisa é certa, todos tem falhas, procure encontrar o lado bom nas pessoas. O autoconhecimento também ajuda você a evitar pessoas que não acrescentarão nada para sua vida e saber lidar com pessoas que são egoístas, estúpidas, falsas, sem se prejudicar. Boa sorte na sua futura viagem, parabéns pelo blog, bjos
Tint~ disse…
Thanks for commenting. I just saw that my blog on Blogger is waaaay behind. I need to update it. My main blog is on Multiply. I don't blog straight to Blogger because of the lack of privacy controls. On Multiply, I can control who sees what.

I've been seeing a little of what you're up to on Facebook. Congratulations again on the driver's license. Passport? Where are you going? Yeah... I agree... sometimes humanity lets you down in a big way. Sometimes they surprise me with good :)

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