Bringing back old memories

This might not be the case for you, depending on where in the world you currently are, but this last Sunday was Mother's day here in Brazil.

So for the past month or so, I've been thinking about what present I could get my mom. She's the kind of mom that has pretty much everything she might need, and that would appreciate a thoughtful gift way more than an expensive or fancy one. Plus, she is amazing and absolutely deserves something cool.

And that's not an easy job! But I was watching some vlogs the other day and then it occured to me: wouldn't it be nice if we could watch old videos from our childhood? - mine and my brother's, that is.
However, all our home videos were in VHSc format and to be honest, I hadn't ever even watched any of them to know what was recorded there. I went to my mom's and found all the remaining ones in a drawer, completely abandoned and forgotten. Sadly, I could see the tape in them was dirty and moldy too.

That sort of burst my bubble a little bit, since I wasn't sure anymore that any of the footage could be salvaged.
So, without knowing what the content of the tapes was, or if it would even be there still, I decided to send the tapes to a company that would clean them and convert them into DVD.
I was surprised to find that this service was not as expensive as I had imagined, and that it could be done in just a few days, which really was a decisive factor, giving that I - then - had one week only to get back the DVDs and edit them as necessary - or, if worse came to worst, I'd have enough time to come up with another gift idea, at least.

Last Tuesday I went to get the DVDs and as soon as I could, I was hitting play and watching them, one by one, to see what had been recorded from my childhood and in which state it would all be.
It turns out some of the footage has been lost, two whole tapes and some parts of the rest, sometimes just snippets, sometimes minutes and minutes that are just gone. But there is a lot that has been preserved, and it was so nice to be able to spy on the past for some hours.
Then for the remainder of the week I was rushing as a crazy woman to save all the videos into my computer, change their format and edit the videos, so that I could cut out all the missing bits and make something nice and presentable to show my mom.

Yesterday I showed her the final edited video and she really liked it, she even cried! I guess it was a successful gift idea, so if you ever feel like doing it yourself, go ahead!

Let me know if you enjoyed this post and if you still have any VHS left at home! Have a wonderful week, guys :)


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