Silêncio e Luz

A warning sign, you came back to haunt me and I realized that you were an island and I passed you by, rather, you are an island and there is so much more to discover, and I'm drifting along your shores, studying the land where it's safest to make my harbour.
I'm laying in my bed wishing I was by your side right now, we could be doing whatever, we could be reading in the same room, we could be having a laugh, we could be making love all night long, we could be drunk and stumbling over the furniture. We could be so much.
And yet, would you want the same? And how could you ever know what I feel inside when I'm so well trained at keeping everything to myself? It will be a stretch, it will take some effort, it will take some trying, but I'm convinced I'll go through the trouble this time. Because you, my dear, I feel are worth it, more than anyone before has ever been. And that's that.And only time will tell.


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