420 Characters

420 Characters is a project by writer Lou Beach which consists of short stories limited to 420 characters that the author posted as updates to a social network website as a "daily exercise in fiction writing". Certainly a great idea and an example to all aspiring writers, here are my favorite couple ones:


 IN A PERFECT WORLD, he thought, the sheets and pillowcases would be laundered daily. Bleached a painful white then hung on a line near the sea to be dried and softened by the sun. Old hands would remove the clothespins, fold the linens into a basket and bring them in to be ironed to smooth perfection, then pulled tight on the large firm mattress, the pillows encased in sharp cornered cotton.


 I WAS DISCREET, almost demure. I knew that if I listed my accomplishments, named my illustrious friends and colleagues, spoke of my education, adventures abroad or the many affairs in my past, she would feel claustrophobic, smothered by my life. Instead, I ordered some fries, a root beer and hot dog with sauerkraut, asked her sincerely about her work in the steno pool.


 Camp NaNoWriMo is also taking place this June and August and should help all lazy writers (like me) take a first step towards their unpublished and unwriten work ;) More at CampNaNoWriMo.org


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