I am a writer, writer of fictions

I've been really missing the sea... it's been almost a year since I saw the Pacific and almost 3 years since I saw the Atlantic :(

"I spill words like water and hope through the sound of them dripping that if enough of them fall, you will want nothing more than to swim inside them."
Tyler Knott Gregson


Heidi disse…
Really Nathalie, a year? Gosh how far are you from the ocean? When I was on camp at school, we met some kids from the outback who were visiting the ocean for the first time in their lives! It was unforgettable watching them at the beach. :)
Nathalie disse…
Oh Heidi, not that far away at all... just a couple of hours away. I really need to take a break from daily life and go to the beach! :)

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