Like a Soul Without a Mind, in a Body Without a Heart

Currently making plans to move downtown. A lot has changed since I came back from abroad and now this house is just too big for only two people. I'll miss having a large garden and yard, our trees, picking fresh peaches and limes in the yard... But it's a necessary change and part of me is also quite excited to move downtown, to be in the center of such a big city, with so much to do and see, just a few steps away. Also, I'd lose way less time going to and back from work everyday.
I also love remodeling and moving furniture and things around, setting everything up again in a different way, so all in all, it should be fun.
As everything else in my life, I want to do it now and not wait a single second, and of course, it will take some time to get everything done. We have to sell our house, look for an apartment, move... so many things that take a while.
My biggest concern is finding the right apartment for us. It needs to have enough room for us and our pets and all the furniture we just can't part with. It also needs to be in a good location, not a too crazy neighborhood or far from the subway, for instance.
We've already started looking. There are a few places that interest us. Let's see what happens. Although I want to see everything done by yesterday, we are in no rush, which is good.
Here are some inspirational images for the new place:

Also happening right now, I finally got some time to wind down from one of the saddest/worst months of my life so far. May was full of bad events, like my grandma passing away, my mom going into surgery the next week and me having a terrible flu in between. Add to the equation a substantial increse in my hours at work and a post-grad school to attend, with thousands of things to read and work on, and you can have an idea of the crazyness that ensued.
So this week, with its extended holiday, was ideal to calm down, to work on everything that was behind and to organize my life somewhat. I as feeling very anxious about many things and now I feel more calm. I have set some new goals for the next few months, decided that some things related to my feelings need to wait until after I graduate to take place and that I should focus on other areas while that doesn't happen.
Things are definitely looking up and just as I've felt all along the last 8 months, I'm very glad to be home right now, very glad I came back to São Paulo and to my family and friends :)


Heidi disse…
Lovely, inspirational pictures Nathalie. I hope a fresh start helps you to heal in this difficult time. :)

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