Winter and the Never-Ending Book

A cold day in São Paulo = rain = staying inside with a hot cup of coffee or tea and enjoying the free time to read, watch a movie or write.
In my case, a little bit of all.
But mostly this weekend I am intent of finish the never-ending book, also known as Anne Rice's "The Witching Hour".
The book seemed like a good pick when I was browsing the bookstore for some paperback to travel with. It was Anne Rice, and I love her work in the vampire chronicles, it was long (1038 pages) and light enough to stuff inside my backpack.
Well... what did I know?
The book tells the story of a family haunted by a spirit in the beutiful city of New Orleans. And the story really is great, and well written, with a good plot and characters. It's just that... it never ends!
It's my most traveled book, having joined me on the way to New York, and from there to Denver, and from there to Boston, and then to Maine, and then back to Denver, and then all the way from Denver to San Diego, to San Francisco (where part of the story takes place, which was great given that I could actually see places described in the book with my own eyes) and then again, back to Denver, only to be taken back, once more, to São Paulo, making quick stops in North Carolina and Florida...
That's practically a lifetime inside a plane, and no, I didn't get the chance to finish it... (although, to be honest, on that last trip back to SP, I was reading another book that was given to me by a friend and that I managed to finished in a couple of days, actually).
It's just that I'm a bit tired of reading it and I often do it before going to bed, but reading about spirits creeps the hell out of me, so I usually don't go very far.
Finishing this book is my weekend's project. Only 122 pages to go now. I have a blanket, a cappuccino and a cat to keep me company. Wish me luck!


Heidi disse…
I so need to read this book now! I don't care if it takes me the rest of the year, it just sounds like you have persevered and it has been worth it. I love that you've travelled so far and wide and stuck with it :)

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