It's Just That It's Delicate

Today I met a 19 year old guy and he kept asking me how was it that I was single, because he couldn’t believe I had gone through college and remained single. He said I must have turned a lot of guys down.

While we were stuck in traffic he kept glancing at me when he thought I wasn’t looking and whenever I met his gaze he would smile.

Then, what really made my day is that as we sat alone in a silent waiting room, he looked at me and said: “You’re so delicate.”

I just smiled, I didn’t know what to say.

Made my day.


Nathi disse…
Owwwn... I loved! =)


following =)
Wilson disse…
hi nathalie! how is your post nano life going?
JustNorman disse…
delicate huh? I think i'm gonna have to use that one. how sweet. A+
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