Hello There, 2010!

The thing I like most about New Year's Eve and the New Year is that, no matter how things turned out in the last 12 months, no matter how much people might have suffered and endured, when I look around me, there is always celebration of the future to come, there is always hope. It never fails to amaze me that people take their time to plan and create different ways to welcome the new year that arrives.To me, that's what's most remarkable about our civiliztion in general, the fact that we never fail to celebrate hope while welcoming a new year. The night between December 31st and Jan 1st is nothing more than a worldwide celebration of hope.

I hope 2010 is brilliant to all of you. May you be free to laugh and choose, may you have health to be able to do the things you love and may you love everything and everyone that passes your way. Happy 2010!


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