You Make Me Wanna...

Well hello lovely people who read this blog, thank you for all the comments in the last post. I do love to blog and I need this place to vent out either someone joins me, or not, so I'll always post, no matter how many comments I get. But of course, it feels great to hear what you have to say back and to know I'm not alone here.
Life has been going smoothly, for the most part, so far. I have been working on my translations and spending time with my mom while she is on school vacation (she's a teacher). It's nice to sit at the table and have long conversations after breakfast with her, about pretty much anything. I have introduced her to the world of True Blood, so at night we watch some episodes and laugh about all the crazyness that is that show. And, Jason, of course.
She's also writing a new book and I get to read it as she puts it down to paper and then discuss it with her, which is quite nice, like having your own personal author to discuss books with. I've always wanted to do that with Anne Rice or J.K.Rowling (a girl can dream) and now I can have something similar with my mom.
My latest discovery has been free television through the internet and so I spent last night watching the Golden Globe's live from NBC. I also watched the end of a hokey game between Detroid and Chicago (Chicago won, btw). I wish I could say it was exciting, but considering I know nothing about hockey and I could barely see the flat disk they use as a ball (sports blasphemy!), I really didn't care too much about that.
What else? I created another blog, (pause where I ask you to please not call me any names and just take a deep breath and carry on reading, thanks)where I'll write all about my jorney to become an au pair in 2010. Yeah, darlings, I'm finally doing it. If all goes accordingly to plan, I'll be going to the USA around July of this year to work and study. Please cross your fingers for me.
So if you wish to follow that, here's the link to the blog: Start Spreading The News...
But rest assured that I'll still keep you updated about everything that happens here at Out Of My Mind, since this is my "real" blog...or whatever... you know what I mean (which is: I love you guys more o.0 *shhh*).


Estou com meus dedos cruzados!
Boa sorte pra ti.
Stef disse…
"boa sorte", I know it means good luck. In Romanian it's "noroc!" I like your blog:)

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