Just Remember This

On the light of certain recent developments in my life, I wanted to come here and share with you some things I believe to be true. I don't wish to explain the nature of the events that make me write this now, other than to tell you guys that I tell this to you from very personal experience, with the best of intentions.
The thing I want to tell you, my friends is that life is precious. It is the only reality we know, it's what we all are going through. What was before we came to this world and what will be of us once we leave it is not for us to worry, since it is not something for us to know at the moment.
But the now, the actions we make, the things we think, the dreams we carry, they are what we should be carefull about. The things we say, the gestures we make, the way we treat those around us, this is all very important.
Don't make the mistake of thinking you have all the answers, that you are better than others and that you can get by on your own. Because all this will be truth only for a while. Sooner or later, you'll need answers you cannot find by yourself, there will be others who are better than you and you'll need other people to help you get by.
So please always take the time to look upon your past and reflect about your actions. Take the time to make amends, correct your faults, better yourself as much as you possibly can, without ever bragging about it.
Don't let yourself be fooled by shimmering things that soon will fade. The things that matter in this life are always the most natural, simple ones. The ones that come for free, that money cannot buy.
Be kind to others not because you wish to be treated with kindness, but because you can be. Because being kind will make you better, no matter what. Give to others all you can give to make their lifes easier, better, because you can do so. If you can lift the weight from someone else's shoulders, do it without knowing what you'll get from it. If by chance you get a smile back, then all the better.
And remember, you'll always make mistakes. The people around you will always make mistakes as well. But it's never too late to turn around, to start again, to take another chance. Never, ever give up. Don't let people around you give up. Sometimes all they need is a little push. If you need a little push as well, remember you can always push yourself up. And change the course of your life, change your heart, change your mind, change your path, change whatever it is that needs to be changed in order for you to correct your mistakes and go on with life.
Don't ever let the circunstances defeat you. Ever. This is it, this is your life, this is all you get here, and the decision to be happy is in your hands, just make it happen.Make the decision to be happy over and over again, every single day of your life. Don't be afraid of stumbling and falling along the way. A few bruises and cuts are necessary to make you understand what is pain and what it's like to not feel any pain at all. And remember, there will always be someone out there to give you a helping hand.



Heidi disse…
pretty heavy stuff, but i think you have hit on some very important things here Nathalie. you are wise beyond your years, Hx

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