A stationery addiction of sorts

I don't know if "addiction" is the right word to define my relationship to cute stationery items, but there's certainly something not normal about it. There's the rush I feel whenever I go into a store where I find such items, the immediate drive to purchase as much as possible, regardless of my actual need of any. And then the fact that I try to preserve my cute stickers, notebooks, notepads, erasers, pencils, etc for as long as I live. I want to use them, but I don't want them to be gone... it's so bittersweet.
With that being said, here are some of my latest purchases put together for your appreciation - and mine:

And these are my lovely new stationery items! I've found them in stores such as Daiso, Le Biscuit. Kalunga and Renner. I hope you've enjoyed this little stationery haul :)

Much love,



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