Summer Child

This is how a good friend of mine called me once.
"Summer child", she said, which makes more sense when you realise I was born and raised in Brazil, and she in Estonia.

So yes, I'm used to very intense summers and quite warm and pleasent springs and autumns. Winter is always brief and very light over here, almost like autumn in places like Europe and North America, but still warmer than that. Therefore, winter is always a very special time of the year, in which hot chocolate can be truly appreciated, and we get to wear coats and boots and scarves.

Today, temperatures dropped to a very pleasant 17°C and, although I realise some of you out there won't see eye to eye with me on this, it already feels like winter is on its way now. It really feels like autumn is here and it's time to bring out the sweaters and scarves.

Realistically, this is not the truth, as it will probably get warmer again before July comes, but one can dream and enjoy the chilly air for now, right?

This summer child is glad summer is finally over :)


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