Trip to Paraty

Last week we had a holiday on Thursday, so some friends and I decided to pack our bags and have an extended weekend trip.
We chose to go to Paraty, a little and quaint beach town on the south shore of Rio de Janeiro - the state, not the city, just to be clear.
Temperatures back home were dropping and so we feared there wouldn't be much for us to do over there, but in true Rio de Janeiro form, the sun came out and we had lovely sunny days, perfect for enjoying the old town and the beaches all around.
Here are some pics I took from the trip:

If you are planning to visit Paraty any time soon, I recommend sticking to the old town, which is charming and full of stores and restaurants. The new town in very unattractive.
Taking a boat tour is another must! Do it on a sunny day, so you can enjoy the ocean and beaches in all their glory.

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