If I Was A Tree Growing Tall And Green

Today is Tree Day! So in honor of this day, here are some lovely trees, because I love them so much!
I actually have planted a few trees here at my home. They are all still a bit small, as it really takes time for them to grow. The biggest one so far is the Pine tree.

After it, there's my peach tree, it gives lots of peaches every year and when all the leaves fall, it becomes full of little pink flowers, much like a cherry blossom. It's so pretty. Here's a picture of it:

Besides the peach tree, I have a Jabuticaba tree (Plinia trunciflora), a Pitanga tree, two yellow Ipê trees (Tecoma serratifolia) and a Sibipiruna(Caesalpina peltophoroides - Benth)

Jabuticaba Tree blossoming:

this is the flower of the Pitanga Tree:

Yellow Ipê Tree:

This is how a grown Ipê Tree looks like:

Sibipiruna Tree:

New brown leaves turning green, just last month:

The one I love the most is my Sibipiruna. It's just outside my window and I planted it a few years ago. Now it is about 1,10m, but it can get to 16m! So it's not planted on the ground, just a big vase.

Recently, my mom also planted an Avocado Tree, but it's still very small and I have no pictures of it.
There's one tree though that I would really like to have in my garden, if i could. It's the Seringueira (Hevea brasiliensis), it can get really tall and large and I think it's just so beautiful! There are many here in the city, and I love them all. This is what they look like:


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