When It Rains

It's been raining all day today, as it was yesterday. And after painting walls in my house, I went to visit my grandma. Then, in our way back home, the rain was gone and this beautiful sky could be seen, full of white clouds lined with bright yellows. It lasted a few minutes before the sunset and the night came over.

I found a lovely quote in this lovely blog, Little Garden, that says something about taking action now, so that it causes an efect and produces movement and changes... it got me thinking, since that's exactly what I need to be doing right now, taking action. The future lays ahead, full with so many possibilities and I can't just lay around waiting for something to happen.


Some Girl disse…
I so wish I could take action right now. Make something happen, you know? I try the best I can but nothing ever seems to change.
Lina disse…
Migaa...mega... hiper... super... saudades de vc ...e ai td bem?o q me conta de bom?te adoro mto viu ...adoro seu blog e sempre dou uma passadinha....bjosss
Em-illi disse…
I absolutely agree. It´s like "butterfly effect". One never knows a consequences, but when you are convinced that what you are doing is right, consequences should be mostly right as well:) Sometimes even much better than you would expected to be. That´s why I think there should be always some activity:)There always are consequences. The smallest activity is still better than none.

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