So... I didn't want to come here and make another post before October started...I feel 23 posts in one month is too much... boy, have I been annoying you guys this month. However, I have a good reason to be here, I promise.

Since I've been working with nothing but translation, I actually have some free time in my hands. And I decided I should do something good with it.
That's why I decided to do volunteer work in a nearby association that takes care of kids form 4 to 14 years old, while they are not at school.
I went there to visit today and get to know how I can help.

Basically, I can do anything I want to help. So I decided I will teach english and maybe some art, help the kids do crafts and teach about art history.

The women that work there seem very nice and welcomed me without a second tought. Turns out volunteers are a rare thing and so, any help is very appreciated.
There were some kids, running around us while we talked and they explained to me how everything works there. Then, out of nowhere, this little girl of about 4 comes and hugs my legs.
I melted.
The women all laughed. They said this girl really likes to hug.
I just have to say it felt so good. I hope I can help them with whatever I have to offer. It will be a new experience to me, to be teaching so many kids at once, but I hope everything will go well.
Keep your fingers crossed for me! And if you have any suggestions or tips, please let me know.

Beijos to all of you! And thank you for reading, following and commenting.


Em-illi disse…
Hi, it is so beautiful idea! I hope you will like it and again it is really great!:)Long time ago I worked for Unicef, but not with children but still it is great feeling to do something for someone:)
Athena. disse…
Oh, wow. I think I post too much; 30-50 posts per month is my usual aha!
In primary school, I was part of the UNICEF organisation we had there. It's a great idea; this really makes me want to find a way to start helping out again.
These days, I just do Fred's Van; a little bus that goes around my city to feed the homeless...
The other day I went to a secondary school of english to help the children, though. It was so amazing, and wonderful.
Have a brilliant time,

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